Saturday, January 3, 2009

Post Canton Journey

So Canton wasn't too successful for me today. I only bought one item. Since I'm studying to be a film historian and filmmaker we spotted this auto-splicer. The precursor to the modern day computer editing software. However I don't know much about these. From what I can find out it's Mansfield Auto-Splice Editor. I want to plug it in to see if it works but I'm a little nervous. Maybe I will clean it up a little first. Only got it for 3 dollars, not bad huh? Now I have to find a place to put this since it's somewhat large. Below is a photo of the splicer. Not the same one I bought but one just like it.

While I didn't buy much I have a lot of things I'm going to search for online. I need to look up a good deal on some pink pyrex so it's off to ebay. Did I mention how much of a bargain hunter I am?

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