Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Years. Having woken up at 4am on New Years Eve for work I immediately retired to my bed after midnight making it a fairly uneventful New Years Celebration minus the fact that it was a celebration just to get some shut eye after a 20 hour work day.

I'm going to Canton Flea Market tomorrow so I'm hoping to find tons of goodies there!

I'm attaching some of my biggest inspirations when it comes to interior design. I'm currently working on my inspiration  board so I am going to work on getting some of these inspirations onto the net as well. I don't have any credits for these photos. I started saving these pics a while ago and I didn't bother to save any credits so if anyone knows where these pics are from let me know.

Here are some preferences you should know: I love bright colors. I 
hate browns and dark greens or most dark colors in general. I love black and white with hints of color. I adore all things 50s and classic hollywood.

Below are my first inspiration posts....

I love the look of this. The buffet table is amazing, I love the color, and the table is similar to a table I have now from my Great Grandmother. Even the silver lighting fixture is great.

Orla Kiely designer stem leaf motif armchair. I love chairs with playful colors and prin
ts. I have two chairs that need recovering and I think this might be just the look I am looking for.

This is my dream bathroom. I love the idea of bathrooms being all white. It looks so glamourous and I have the perfect Esther Williams print to go here.

I have an obsession with Aqua/ Tiffany blue. I love the use of the blue walls with the yellow accents. And I of course love white couches though I don't know if I would ever be brave enough to own a white couch.

I love these lamps. I'm on a search to find these!

Love the colors used here. Searching for a drink cart just like this one. I have a huge dislike for fake plants however.

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