Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I love cupcakes!

So I've been really busy lately working on my etsy creations. So check out the shop.

I don't have anything to really post, but I wanted to post this hat. Isn't it so darn cute?!

Cupcake hat from seller : NinisHandmades.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Etsy Shop

So I got my Etsy Shop up and running. Right not it's not much but I am getting a start on a few more aprons and fabric coasters. So keep checking it out.

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Lamps

I ordered these new milk glass lamps! Straight from Etsy seller: UnCommonEye check this seller out. The stuff is great here!

I'm currently working on a super cute valentines day inspired apron. I was going to place it on my new etsy shop I'm working on, but I'm not sure yet I think I might like it too much! haha. How do you etsy sellers not keep everything you make?!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Galveston Ice Bucket & Charms

While in Galveston we spent some time on the Strand and while most businesses where not open, one of my favorite Antique shops was open, Somewhere in Time. I bought this turquoise Blisscraft of Hollywood ice container. Isn't too cute huh? It's needs some cleaning but it is going to look great on my kitchen counter!

I've been looking into starting a small business on ebay/etsy. While I'm debating what to sale I have run across some great items I want to share:

These charms and pendants from etsy seller Tulle are absolutely adorable!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Laptop Sleeve

So here it is....
My new Laptop sleeve. I love it. It's a little tight, but something that didn't take long at all to make. I just got this new MacBook Pro 17' and I needed some padding for it. It was made using Brother Sister Design Studio fabric from Hobby Lobby and fleece lining. 

So I'm off for the weekend to the beach....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I finished my laptop sleeve and if I do say so myself I think it's just adorable! I will post it whenever I manage to come across my battery charger for my camera. 

Monday, January 5, 2009

Quilting and Sewing!

Film in the Fridge's blog puts me to shame.  Her fabric and quilts are amazing!

So now that I have all this free time being unemployed and all it's time to get some projects done. Today I ran across one of my mom's quilt books and I really like this quilt on the cover. Maybe I will make that my large project. I've never completed a legit quilt (the one or two I have done have been simple squares with frayed edges). I love 50s look of this of this and it gives me the opportunity to use some vintage fabrics!

Cover of Quilting with My Sister by: Brandeburg and Christopherson. Lots of great quilt patterns can be found in this book, but I can't wait to start on the cover quilt!

Check out this Pin Cushion by: GeorgiaMcDonald. Isn't it just adorable. The pattern can be found at Heather Bailey's Blog.

Other projects on my to-do list include putting up my inspiration board, making a dress form cover, a laptop sleeve, and plenty of other items I'm sure I'm forgetting about.


Desire to Inspire posted this photo from Trevor Dixon. I love the look of this and I would really like to get a typewriter for a fabulous vintage touch. Looked on Ebay and it appears to be be tons up for auction, however I like this typewriter's pop of color. 

In Canton on Saturday there was one booth with typewriter key jewelry. Looked on Etsy and there are plenty of typewriter key jewelry on there. Don't you just love this bracelet and ring? 

Bracelet & Ring from Etsy Seller: KeysAndMemories

And don't you just love this card also found on Etsy?

Card by Etsy Seller: Farouche (This seller's items are AMAZING!)

Love these cards by Etsy seller: thecraftpantry I need to find a pink typewriter just like this!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Post Canton Journey

So Canton wasn't too successful for me today. I only bought one item. Since I'm studying to be a film historian and filmmaker we spotted this auto-splicer. The precursor to the modern day computer editing software. However I don't know much about these. From what I can find out it's Mansfield Auto-Splice Editor. I want to plug it in to see if it works but I'm a little nervous. Maybe I will clean it up a little first. Only got it for 3 dollars, not bad huh? Now I have to find a place to put this since it's somewhat large. Below is a photo of the splicer. Not the same one I bought but one just like it.

While I didn't buy much I have a lot of things I'm going to search for online. I need to look up a good deal on some pink pyrex so it's off to ebay. Did I mention how much of a bargain hunter I am?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Years. Having woken up at 4am on New Years Eve for work I immediately retired to my bed after midnight making it a fairly uneventful New Years Celebration minus the fact that it was a celebration just to get some shut eye after a 20 hour work day.

I'm going to Canton Flea Market tomorrow so I'm hoping to find tons of goodies there!

I'm attaching some of my biggest inspirations when it comes to interior design. I'm currently working on my inspiration  board so I am going to work on getting some of these inspirations onto the net as well. I don't have any credits for these photos. I started saving these pics a while ago and I didn't bother to save any credits so if anyone knows where these pics are from let me know.

Here are some preferences you should know: I love bright colors. I 
hate browns and dark greens or most dark colors in general. I love black and white with hints of color. I adore all things 50s and classic hollywood.

Below are my first inspiration posts....

I love the look of this. The buffet table is amazing, I love the color, and the table is similar to a table I have now from my Great Grandmother. Even the silver lighting fixture is great.

Orla Kiely designer stem leaf motif armchair. I love chairs with playful colors and prin
ts. I have two chairs that need recovering and I think this might be just the look I am looking for.

This is my dream bathroom. I love the idea of bathrooms being all white. It looks so glamourous and I have the perfect Esther Williams print to go here.

I have an obsession with Aqua/ Tiffany blue. I love the use of the blue walls with the yellow accents. And I of course love white couches though I don't know if I would ever be brave enough to own a white couch.

I love these lamps. I'm on a search to find these!

Love the colors used here. Searching for a drink cart just like this one. I have a huge dislike for fake plants however.