Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting Organized

So when I made this blog is was going to be so awesome and I was going to become a blogging celebrity.... ok maybe not. But I did hope that I it would be a success and I would write a lot. So far I have failed. I am alittle A.D.D. when it comes to projects so when I set up my etsy store shortly after starting this blog I forgot about it for the most part. 

So now I have decided to make some structure for this blog. I have little to no structure in my life as it is. Since I graduated college in Dec. my days have been spent in Etsy chats begging for sales and sewing. I have not worked as many jobs as I hoped (I blame the economy conviently) so my days are really lame. 

Now I am off to a fresh start....
I might be headed to NYC in August to begin Graduate school and start a new job (hopefully). It's about time that I get working.

Here is what the outline for the blog will be on a weekly basis. Note that since I am very A.D.D. with this I will NOT post everyday and I will NOT stick to this schedule lol!

Monday- My Etsy Shop Updates
Tuesday- Terrific Etsy Finds (Or general Web finds)
Wednesday - Wedding Wednesday
Thursday- Interior Design/Make the designs come to life with Etsy finds.
Friday- Friday Fashionista Style

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