Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Support Independents!

So I haven't be posting on here much at all. I'm excited that we crafters have postponed the CPSIA! Now on to another issue. Please help get Independent programming back on TV.

Did you know...
Since 1995, the share of Independent TV production on prime time television has fallen from 50 percent to 18 percent. Why? Because a few giant media conglomerates - News Corp, NBC / Universal, Disney, TimeWarner, CBS / Viacom - have combined TV and cable networks, movie studios and distribution channels to control as much of our entertainment system as possible, leaving independents gasping for air time. The result? Less quality programming for the public and fewer options for creative, talented people across the world.

Help get the word out and sign the petition below to help get independent productions on tv! I work independent freelance film and sport broadcasting and I know a lot of you are freelance writers, artists, etc. So lets work to make these opportunities available to all of us and not the greedy corporations.

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